Still trying to get Blindwatchmaker

Dave Saul saul at sbsu1.aukuni.ac.nz
Tue Dec 7 17:52:38 EST 1993

A couple of months ago I posted a request for information about obtaining 
BlindWatchmaker. Thanks to everybody for the help - unfortunately I am still
having no success. Most of the replies I recieved told me that they just
contacted the Phone Number at the back of the book and sent the money. The
numbers I have are: Ph 44 926 422959 and FAX 44 926 422148. These numbers 
do not work. To further complicate things, the company selling the software 
does not include an address. They refer to themselves as SPA, but as they 
are a company based in Leamington Spa they seem to share their name with
a few dozen other companies.  Directory enquiries haven't got a clue which
of these are computer software outlets.

All help and suggestions (give up?) gratefully recieved.

Thanks - Dave Saul

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