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Jean Thioulouse Jean.Thioulouse at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Tue Dec 7 04:51:33 EST 1993

In article <2dvejq$9kl at news.univ-rennes1.fr>, moreaut at univ-tours.fr wrote:
> 3/ I produce postscript files with a molecular modelisation program and 
> these files are exploited on a Mac to have quick output or black and white
> outputs. I am looking for a mac soft able to preview such files and also
> able to modify PS files.

You can use ghostscript (in the info-mac archive) to preview PS files,
but you won't be able to modify these files. I think that there is no
software that will let you edit pure PS files. The only workaround I
have found to this problem is to genrerate Adobe Illustrator (AI) files
instead of pure PS. It is not much harder to write AI files than PS files
if you use only basic PS commands. There is a PS program called PS2AI.PS
(you can run it with ghostscript) that does the translation automatically
for simple PS files.

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