Corp Reed in CompBio reed at phage.cshl.org
Mon Dec 6 11:37:05 EST 1993


     We're going to release a new version of GDB/Accessor soon, and we'd like
to ask the users of GDB/Accessor some questions.

     GDB/Accessor knows when it needs to be updated.  The first time that you
start the program after the update becomes available, it will tell you
about the update and provide some short instructions on how to do it.

     First, if you'd like to make any bug reports or suggestions, we'd like
to see them.  Generally, the best place to send questions and suggestions
is help at gdb.org.

     I'm posting this article to relevant groups to find out if people have
any suggestions for additions to the manual.  When the program was being
beta-tested, people had trouble figuring out the map strings and asked if
we could include information on how to use them.  I added the
"Interpreting map strings" section of the manual (which I got from GDB's
anonymous FTP site) as a result.

     Please send any requests to reed at cshl.org.


Corprew Reed
reed at cshl.org

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