Macintosh family tree/history. Help!

epowell at vax.oxford.ac.uk epowell at vax.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Dec 5 05:46:12 EST 1993

I need a Macintosh piece of software which will allow two things. Firstly I
need to have a family tree drawing facility. Secondly I need that to be linked
to a patient history database. Thus by double clicking on a member of the
family tree one would be presented with that patient's medical history. 

Now you would think such a thing would already be in existence but damned if I
can find it. No doubt one could use AppleScript to link two seperate programs
but I would prefer to avoid hours of development time.

Any suggestions from out there on the Net? Could you post them directly to me
as well as posting on this newsgroup please?

Stephen Atherton                        InterNet:epowell at vax.ox.ac.uk
					OR: s.atherton at cc.uq.oz.au
Macintosh Higher Ed Consultant          AppleLink:Atherton1
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               & Prentice Computer Centre, The University of Queensland
                                4072. Australia

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