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Tim Burcham timb at apldbio.com
Wed Dec 1 10:34:58 EST 1993

Harry writes:

>See: The Journal of NIH Research, Vol 5, No 10, p 81-82 for one (not very
>complementary) view of it.  I saw one at a local meeting but the rep
>couldn't tell me what the advantages were over BLAST/fasta.  I can't see
>anyone spending that kind of $ on such a specialized piece of hardware -
>well I guess I can - they built the B2, the space shuttle, and several
>billions worth of aircraft carriers.

I won't comment on most of this (I'm obviously biased ;-), but the article
cited should be considered an ADVERTISEMENT, not a research article. Look
for a response in an upcoming issue of Journal of NIH Research. The
INHERIT system used in the study was PRE-RELEASE TEST VERSION. INHERIT is
now undergoing it's fourth iteration since that test version was released.
The current iteration includes a MAJOR HARDWARE CHANGE from the test system
that was reviewed in Journal of NIH Research.

I sorry you didn't get a good demo. 

Look into Journal of NIH Research and their editorial policies. You will 
probably be as disgusted as I was...

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