Analysis of BioRad confocal Z-series

Victor Jongeneel vjongene at isrec-sun1.unil.ch
Thu Dec 2 12:00:12 EST 1993

Hello Netters!

Sorry if my question qualifies as a FAQ.  We are generating many confocal 
"slices" through biological samples (Z series) using a BioRad system.  
Reconstitution of 3D objects from these serial slices is currently done using 
the BioRad sofware on a PC clone, thus painfully slow and not very good.

As we will acquire an SGI graphics station (Indigo2 with all the goodies), we 
would like to move the analysis to this machine.  To do this, we have found
two apparently suitable programs so far:  VoxelView, supposedly very good but 
also expensive, and Synu from Steve Lamont, a little more limited but also 
almost free.

I would appreciate hearing about any experiences collected with these two 
packages, and even more about other possibilities.

Thanks to all!

Victor J.

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