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James Petts <visigoth.demon.co.uk!pettsj> writes:
>I am looking for software to do pharmacokinetic modelling, preferably for 
>the Mac, but Un*x s/w would be acceptable too. Any suggestions would be 
>most appreciated. E-mail or postings are fine.

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You might be interested in Catalyst, BioCAD's drug discovery software

Catalyst is used to speed the drug discovery process.  It provides a
means for conceptualizing ligand-receptor relationships in 3D and is an
effective tool for designing new biologically active molecules.  Using
2D molecular structures and biological activity data, you generate a
simple hypothesis that correlates 3D chemical functions with measured
activity.  You can refine and test your hypothesis, generate and search
a 3D database to find novel leads, and design new molecules for
enhanced biological activity.  The quality of the hypothesis improves
as you synthesize and assay new molecules that extend the range of
activities and the diversity of structures.

If this sounds like it addresses your problem, write to Pat Coffey,
BioCAD Corp 1390 Shorebird Way, Mountain View, CA  94043.  (pat at biocad.com)

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It runs on Silicon Graphics UNIX boxes (RPC Indigo, Iris, etc.)

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