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joseph at valis.biocad.COM (Joseph Truitt) writes:

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>>I am looking for software to do pharmacokinetic modelling, preferably for 
>>the Mac, but Un*x s/w would be acceptable too. Any suggestions would be 
>>most appreciated. E-mail or postings are fine.

>----- begin forwarded message from Dale Mehl of BioCAD -----

>You might be interested in Catalyst, BioCAD's drug discovery software

>Catalyst is used to speed the drug discovery process.  It provides a
>means for conceptualizing ligand-receptor relationships in 3D and is an
>effective tool for designing new biologically active molecules. 
[Stuff deleted]

What this shows is that BioCad has no idea what pharmacokinetics means!
PK is not ligand binding and molecular modelling. 
For the record a simple definition:
 PK is what the body does to the drug (absorption, distribution, elimination)
 PD is what the drug does to the body (drug effects)


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