DNA Strider?

Eric Bowman bobo bowman at reed.edu
Wed Sep 2 16:44:39 EST 1992

We've been having trouble with DNA Strider 1.1; does anyone know:

o   Does the author have an email address
o   Is there a new version? (version 1.1 dates from 1989)

On a related note, I was able to hack it so it would run on a SE running
System 7; the unhacked-version gave the informative message that it required
System 6.0.2 to run.  If you want to do this yourself, here's how I did it
(since this is a vaguely commercial program, I can't very well send it, sorry)

In ResEdit, open CODE resource 1 with the hex editor, and replace the words at
offset 1A2 - 1B1 with 8 "4E71"'s.  That is, select the eight words (a word is one
of the 4-number-letter things, and type 4 e 7 1 eight times.  4E71 is the
hexadecimal opcode for "NOP", or no operation.  This just means I removed
the instructions which check to make sure the right system is present.
If you do this, be careful!  Don't run on a system before 6.0.2.

bowman at reed.edu
George Clinton in '92

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