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Wed Sep 2 16:55:15 EST 1992

   Re: Running the Biosym software InsightII/Discover over a network via
   In the continuing quest for truth, justice, and the Biosym way, I called
the the response center to inquire directly as to the possibility of having
the display set to a different networked machine.  The answer was on 2
   The first was that you can set the display to another networked SGI, but
ONLY if both machines are licensed for the software.  If you can get
another (unlicensed) SGI to display the InsightII output from a licensed
machine, you are in violation of your agreement.  They were quite definite.
   The second is that as they understood it, a plain X terminal (without GL
support) will not be able to display the image anyway.  This may change if
software/hardware makers start to implement OpenGL as a value-added feature
to standard X, but not for a long time.
   So it seems that dreams (mine, anyway) of being able to drive multiple
(cheap) Xwin terminals and/or emulators from one (big!) SGI are not going
to happen soon.



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