Predicting transmembrane proteins

dmerberg at GENETICS.COM dmerberg at GENETICS.COM
Thu Sep 3 09:37:52 EST 1992

>        I got some time ago a program called ALOM from Don Gilbert (see
>Fasman & Gilbert, TIBS 15, 1990, 89-92) which predicts transmembrane spans
>according to Klein, Kanehisa & De Lisi (BBA 815, 1985, 468-476).
>       The source code was available by ftp to VAX.WI.EDU, directory
>        Good luck!
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>J-L. Risler                                     Bionet at frcgm51.bitnet
>Centre de Genetique Moleculaire                 Risler at frcgm51.bitnet
>91190 Gif sur Yvette   France
The reference cited, and the ftp site vax.wi.edu, are contributions by
William Gilbert of the Whitehead Institute.  Don Gilbert maintains a
separate archive (ftp.bio.indiana.edu).

Thanks to both Gilberts for providing useful molbio computational tools
and maintaining ftp sites!

Dave Merberg
Genetics Institute

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