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Thu Sep 3 11:34:59 EST 1992

>kupiec at edu.ciwemb.mail1 (Bill Kupiec) writes:-
>>The latest version of DNA Strider is 1.2. It was released in August '92 and
>>includes two more menus and a lot of revisions. Version 1.2 is "32-bit clean"
>>and runs under both System 6 and 7. It is also compatible with the Quadras and
>>the PowerBooks.
>>Hope this helps,
>>- Bill
Ken Baker:
>Does anybody know of an FTP location for DNA Strider 1.2? I'd very much like 
>to check it out, but when I try the string "strider" on ARCHIE all I get are
>Sisters of Mercy lyrics. 
>Thanks in advance,

   Strider is not free/shareware and thus is not (or should not be)
available at any FTP sites.  That's why all these people want to know how
to get in touch with Christian Marck.



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