microscope image processing

Laurent Bloch bloch at CNAM.CNAM.FR
Fri Sep 4 05:16:18 EST 1992

David SOURDIVE                 sourdive at pasteur.fr
Unite des Virus Oncogenes
Institut Pasteur

Our laboratory is presently equipped with a Zeiss Axiophot
microscope. We intend to use a slow-scan cooled CCD camera
for quantitative fluorescence microscopy. This camera will deliver arrays of
approximately 1000 x 1000 pixels x 12 to 14
bits. To acquire and process these images we intend to buy a
workstation (Silicon Graphics, Sun or even DEC)and we are thus
looking for proper acquisition board and software running on
these machines.
The application should meet these requirements
(or at least part of them) :

- deliver a good and fast video display of the image(s)
- standard operations on images (+, x, -, convoluation,
  noise reduction, linear or non linear LUTs)
- counting cells
- numbering nuclei as objects (contours, areas, ...)
- integrating the signal within these objects
- define masks and apply them to other images
- show the data in statistical format (histograms,
  correlations, ...) or export it in a format compatible with  
  standard statistics processing applications (Macintosh
  or MS/DOS Excel,Cricket Graph, or Unix based applications,..)


- print the images to a thermal/laser printer
- drive the microscope stage (z axis, or even 3 axes)
- perform 3-D reconstruction and display from a user
  defined angle.

If you happen to know hardware/software that would meet these
recquirements or part of them, please let me know

	Please reply by e-mail to sourdive at pasteur.fr

	A summary will be done. Thanks in advance

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