Hydrophobic Cluster Analysis

Paula Burch pburch at bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Sep 4 15:40:05 EST 1992

Can anyone point me to a program for performing hydrophobic cluster 
analysis of protein sequences? I've read mentions of HCA plot, written 
in Fortran 77, and also HCABAND in BASIC.

The reference is C. Gaboriaud, V. Bissery, T. Benchetrit and J.P. Mornon's 
Hydrophobic cluster analysis: an efficient new way to compare and analyse 
amino acid sequences, FEBS Letters 224(1):149-155 (1987).

I have Dr. Mornon's address, but don't really want to wait as long as it 
would take for mail to reach him, and I'm afraid to try directory assistance 
in France to try to get his phone number. Could somebody possibly have an 
e-mail address for him?

All 23 of the papers I found in Medline that mentioned HCA were from 
various European labs--no sign that anyone has ever used it on this 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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