Analysis of Molecular Variance : A Windows 3.x program

excoffie at sc2a.unige.ch excoffie at sc2a.unige.ch
Tue Sep 8 08:12:53 EST 1992

  This is an annoucement for the public release of a WINDOWS 3.x based program


  This program (WINAMOVA ver 1.04) is based on a paper by Excoffier, Smouse and 

Quattro (1992), and computes variance components for 2 levels of population 

structure as well as their associated modified F-statistics (called here Phi-


  This version can handle a maximum of 255 molecular haplotypes, 100 populations

and 100 groups of populations. It requires haplotype frequency information for

each population, as well as a matrix of inter-haplotypic squared (euclidian) 


  Conventional multi-allelic F-statistics may also be computed.

  The program includes a non-parametrical (permutational) test for the 

significance of both variance components and Phi-statistics.

  It can be uploaded by anonymous FTP from    : ACASUN1.UNIGE.CH

(username : anonymous) in the directory       :  pub/amova

under the form of an archived file called WINAMOVA.ZIP, including 

executable versions for Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1, plus example files.

           The program is FREEWARE and can be distributed freely in its 
           original form, but I would appreciate receiving an E-mail from
           interested users, as well as comments, suggestions, and bug

(Windows 3.x is a product from Microsoft Corporation)

  Reference cited :

Excoffier, L, Smouse, PE, and Quattro, JM (1992) Analysis of molecular variance
      inferred from metric distances among DNA haplotypes: Application to human
      mitochondrial DNA restriction data. Genetics 131:479-491.

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