Computer vision

Jim Parker parker at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Fri Sep 4 10:16:24 EST 1992

I am currently working on a book on computer vision, the target audience
being scientists and science students in areas other than computer science.
It concentrates on shape, useful grey level enhancements, and practical
examples. It should be out by next summer (Wiley).

There has been a good deal of interest from individuals working in
biological and medical areas, so I thought I would ask 'what specific
information would you like such a book to include?' The last three chapters
are basically all examples and case studies, and while I have them sketched
I would be happy to add new material if it would make the book more useful.
I am trying to keep the math level reasonable, and am including source
code with the book (diskette + listings).

If you have some special interest, please let me know. Thanks.

	Jim Parker
	Space Information Science Group		(403) 220-6784
	Department of Computer Science		(403) 220-6015
	University of Calgary			(403) 284-4707  [FAX]
	Calgary, Alberta, CANADA	parker at cpsc.ucalgary.ca  [internet]

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