GelReader on Mac IIsi (fwd)

Sylvain PIRY piry at biotec.jouy.inra.fr
Thu Sep 10 09:26:27 EST 1992

Hello, netters !

I tried to use GelReader 2.02 on mac IIsi. It works, but it seems to be
impossible to save the file. A #90 error occurs, and the application is
leaved. Of course, I use the LCsi version of GelReader ; the other one
can't even be loaded in memory, but works fine on a IIci.  I sent a
bug-report to NCSA, weeks ago, but... 

Do you know any solution to this problem ? Is there a patch ? A new
release ? Help !

Thanks for all !

                                             Sylvain PIRY

The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train.
                             (Murphy's law)

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