Image synthesis package (RTrace version 8.0.0)

Antonio Costa acc at asterix.inescn.pt
Thu Sep 10 10:36:22 EST 1992

There is a new version of the RTrace ray-tracing package (8.0.0) at
asterix.inescn.pt [] in directory pub/RTrace


The MAC port is being prepared to be released by Reid Judd 
(reid.judd at east.sun.com) and Greg Ferrar
(gregt at function.mps.ohio-state.edu).
A working version will be available shortly!


Enhancements were done since version 7.3.2, mainly:

1. It has no limit on the number of objects to render (there is a
command line option to control it; scenes with up to 1000000 have been
The same applies to light sources and surfaces.

2. It is now possible to produce animation fly-throughs easily. The scene is
read only once and successive images are produced. There are new command
line options to specify it. The fly-throughs may be controlled by the
EYE and LOOK points, the UP vector and the APERTURE angles.
All there is to do is just create a text file with the numbers and give
it to the program...

The support programs 'nff2sff', 'nffclean' and 'nffp2pp' have been
enhanced to support unlimited number of objects, etc.


Here goes a short description of current converters from
molecular/chemistry packages to the SCN format.

The package programs are related as below (those marked with * have been

	IRIT -------------|
                          |               NFF (nffclean*, nffp2pp*)
	         sol2scn  |                |
	ACAD11 -----------+                | nff2sff*
                          |                |
	      mol2scn	  v    scn2sff     v	rtrace*
   ALCHEMY  -----------> SCN -----------> SFF ----------> PIC or PPM
			  ^      cpp
	        pdb2scn   |
	PDB --------------|
	       chem2scn   |
   CHEMICAL --------------|


The DOS port of RTrace is in pub/RTrace/PC-386 (rtrac800.arj and
utils800.arj). See the README file.
Requires DJGPP GO32 DOS extender (included), which can be found in
directory pub/PC/djgpp (and in many sites around netland).
There are also demo scenes, manuals and all the source code...


Please feel free to get it and use it.
Hope you like it.

Antonio Costa.
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