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Fri Sep 11 07:55:39 EST 1992

Sorry about the hiccup just now.  As I was saying in regard to

>Steve: Thank you for the information.  And re: email addresses in signature
>blocks, how *does* one generate that block? UNIX has the sig command, but
>I'm on a VMS system.  Help, tips, pointers gratefully accepted.

On one of our (VMS) systems we have the MX mailing system, which can 
automatically add a signature to mail messages.  In the LOGIN.COM, make two 
    $ DEFINE MX_SIGNATURE <whatever>
When I was using it, I defined MX_SIGNATURE as the file containing my 
signature block.

I stopped using this, however, because different nodes on our network use
different mailers, so sometimes the signature would go on and sometimes it
wouldn't.  What I do now is define a key in my EDTINI.EDT file so that
when I'm composing a message with EDT within the mailer, I just hit that key 
and it INCLUDEs the file.

I provide more specific info if needed.
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