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Stephen Modena nmodena at ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 10 23:57:52 EST 1992

>Steve: Thank you for the information.  And re: email addresses in signature
>blocks, how *does* one generate that block? UNIX has the sig command, but
>I'm on a VMS system.  Help, tips, pointers gratefully accepted.
>-Richard O'Grady
> 410/516-6919
> ogrady at jhuvms.hcf.jhu.edu

The name escapes me, but there's a very knowledgable support person on
WELCH.jhu.edu, I believe, who could give Richard a ring and help
him out.

Not that any of you other Big Iron VMS-ophiles ought to hesitate to
get specific in Richard's emailbox.  :^)  Believe me, this 486 DOS
clone is about all I can handle most days.

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