Aid to teaching Plant Disease Diagnosis - Upload announcement

T.M. Stewart T.Stewart at massey.ac.nz
Mon Sep 14 17:28:07 EST 1992

PLDIAG11.ZIP    PD game for teaching plant disease diagnosis

This is to announce the uploading of PLDIAG11.ZIP to the Simtel archives.
(WSMR-SIMTEL20.Army.Mil) under pd1:<msdos.education>.  Teachers of plant 
pathology may be interested in obtaining this public domain version.

Here is a short explanation:

PLDIAG11.ZIP contains a public-domain version of DIAGNOSIS, a package
constructed as an aid for teaching plant disease diagnosis to crop
protection students.  The program places students into field and
laboratory scenarios, where they must look for clues as to the causal
agent(s) of unhealthy plants.  After giving and justifying a diagnosis,
students then receive an automatic de-briefing on their problem-solving
approach.  Student input is recorded to disk for later assessment by the
tutor.  Output may consist of text and graphics.

The full version contains 5 scenarios and software which allows simple
construction of local scenarios by individual tutors.  These features
are absent from the public-domain version.  Details of how to obtain the
full version are included in PLDIAG11.ZIP.

A description of DIAGNOSIS can be found in PLANT DISEASE 76: (6): 644-647

T.M. Stewart
T.Stewart at massey.ac.nz

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