Prokaryotic Taxonomic Identifiers in Databases

Peter M. Muriana muriana at aclcb.purdue.edu
Thu Sep 17 15:05:40 EST 1992

In article <w#_zpyn at rpi.edu>, florianp at rolls.cs.rpi.edu (Peter Floriani) writes:
>Has there been a "standard" formulation of
>taxonomic/phylogenetic names for the prokaryotes?
>(and, for that matter, the eukaryotes?)

>I would like to know if there is a reference or
>other publication which would clarify the nomenclature,
>or set forth the "accepted" names for these categories.

>Peter J. Floriani

	Peter, there are several publications which may help:
		"Approved Lists of bacterial names" 
		"Index of the bacterial and yeast nomenclature changes"
		"International code of nomenclature of bacteria"

	These are ASM (American Society for Microbiology) publications, I 
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