Hydrophobic Cluster Analysis

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In article <14550 at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu> pburch at bcm.tmc.edu (Paula Burch) writes:
>Can anyone point me to a program for performing hydrophobic cluster 
>analysis of protein sequences? I've read mentions of HCA plot, written 
>in Fortran 77, and also HCABAND in BASIC.
>The reference is C. Gaboriaud, V. Bissery, T. Benchetrit and J.P. Mornon's 
>Hydrophobic cluster analysis: an efficient new way to compare and analyse 
>amino acid sequences, FEBS Letters 224(1):149-155 (1987).
>I have Dr. Mornon's address, but don't really want to wait as long as it 
>would take for mail to reach him, and I'm afraid to try directory assistance 
>in France to try to get his phone number. Could somebody possibly have an 
>e-mail address for him?

His e-mail address is: MORNON at FRLMCP61.BITNET

>All 23 of the papers I found in Medline that mentioned HCA were from 
>various European labs--no sign that anyone has ever used it on this 

We are using it to compare several homologous genes. A paper is in preparation...

>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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