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Yves Bertheau bertheau at inapv.inapg.inra.fr
Sun Sep 20 10:26:49 EST 1992

In article <920905142403.20200da4 at GEODE.BIOTECH.CDC.GOV> OCONNOR at GEODE.BIOTECH.CDC.GOV writes:
>I am using the PHYLIP package (v3.4) from J. Felsenstein.  Can anyone
>point me to a program which will accept a PHYLIP treefile as input and
>plot the tree to a HP laserjet?  The DRAWTREE and DRAWGRAM programs
>included with PHYLIP work well, but I would like to find something
>which will allow me a bit more control over the appearance of the
>Steve                                 oconnor at geode.biotech.cdc.gov
>Steve O'Connor
>Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases
>National Center for Infectious Diseases

We are using Tree Draw Deck from D.G. Gilbert, Indiana University
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