Sun Sep 20 19:18:50 EST 1992

>Does anyone know whether a DOS pedigree program exists? 
>ie I want to enter a whole lot of individuals (eg Queen Victoria's
>offspring/relatives) and have the program produce a graphical 
>pedigree tree with male and female symbols (squares and circles)
>with affected individuals showing as filled-in symbols (eg 
>haemophiliacs). It would be nice if this could be printed on HPLJs.

I know of two available DOS programs for drawing pedigrees.  The first is
KINDRED, which costs about $500 (US).  It has interactive data entry,
automatically draws the pedigrees with up to 10 (I think) lines of text below
individuals, and has many different varieties of shading possible.  However,
I have not actually seen the output, since the demo disk does not do the
only two things I might be interested in, pedigree drawing and LINKAGE file
output.  Such brain-dead demos should be outlawed.  It is supposed to produce
HP laserJet output.

The second program is FTREE, from Rodney Go at the University of Alabama.
Although somewhat cumbersome to use (it requires data entry through a text
editor into ASCII files), it too can produce HP laserJet output, and has all
the shading, etc.  Its great advantage is price: it is free.

I'm sure there are other programs out there, and I would love to know
about them as well.

Jonathan Haines

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