Teaching genetics on Macs?

Fergus_Doherty at vme.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk Fergus_Doherty at vme.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Sep 22 06:44:27 EST 1992

Hello Net, Does anyone know of any packages for teaching Mendelian 
genetics to 1st. undergraduates using the Macintosh? Commercial or PD.
Preferaby problem based. I know of BioQuest and its modules but is there 
anything else?  Any info gratefully received.
By the way, what has happened to BioQuest.  The Maryland University 
Academic Software Group is supposed to be publishing it, but it is 
difficult to contact them.  Apparently BioQuest's distribution in the UK 
has not been sorted out.  If anyone out there has any info on this please let 
me know-as i planned to introduce this software next semester, and was 
given the money, I will be pretty sily if I can't obtain it.
Fergus Doherty, Nottingham University, UK.

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