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Sat Sep 26 17:21:57 EST 1992

Ron Henderson writes:
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>I have heard that software packages exist to allow one to run two
>sessions at once on an IBM compatible PC.  I think a control sequence
>is used to alternate between the two sessions.
>Does anyone have information about such software. (I have a 286).
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Dear Ron:

       The best solution for you would be Microsoft Windows. The latest
version (3.1) runs in your 286, but... (slower, much less ability to handle
memory and disk, etc...). I would try it, but if you are planning to use
it for hard tasks, you'd better consider an upgrade to 386 or 486.

       There is also another software called Multilink. This will enable
your computer to run multi-task or multi-user modes. I used the first
version of the software 10 years ago in a IBM PC (8088). Sorry, but I
don't know if it is still available nor the distributor's name.

Wagner Fontes
Brazilian Center of Protein Sequencing
Biochemistry & Protein Chemistry Lab.
University of Brasilia - Brazil

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