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Mon Sep 28 09:53:02 EST 1992

A couple of years ago Mike Gribskov put out a list of ftp sites
and E-mail servers. A lot of water has passed under the bridge
since that list was published.

   $	Molecular Biology FTP and Server List                     $
   $	Produced by: Michael Gribskov / gribskov at ncifcrf.gov      $
   $	Release of 16 December 1990                               $
   $	Extensively modified by Amos Bairoch: 18 December 1990    $

I would like to put together a current list of ftp sites. The reason
is two fold. 

1) I can add them to the ARCHIE database at nic.funet.fi so it will
   make it easier to do archie searches for biological programmes
2) I would make an up to date document that reflects the current status
   of biological servers of the network, and make it available through ftp
   or for reading via gopher.

So if your Institution provides some network service please let me know
about it... or if you know of a site that has been useful in providing
software, or if you run a site that distributes a small and select group
of programmes then please send the information to harper at convex.csc.fi

Mike split his list up into the following sections, and if you send in
any information then please adopt his format.

Specific software packages and smaller FTP sites 
	Address : evolution.genetics.washington.edu (
	Contents: PHYLIP phylogeny package v3.3
	Contact : Joe Felsenstein [*]
          	  joe at genetics.washington.edu

Larger FTP sites

	Organism: IUBIO archive
	Address : iubio.bio.indiana.edu (
	Content : Various Mac, VAX, Atari, DOS software
          Authorin data entry program
          PHYLIP phylogeny package
	Contact : Don Gilbert
        	  gilbertd at iubio.bio.indiana.edu

Server sites

	Organism: University of Houston gene server
	Address : gene-server at bchs.uh.edu (1)
	Contents: GenBank, PIR
          Various Mac, VAX, Atari, DOS software
          Cray software (future)
          BioMatrix archive
          Molecular evolution bb archive
          FASTA searches
	Contact : gene-server-management at bchs.uh.edu

Bulletin boards

	Organism: GCG (3) software discussion group
	Address : To subscribe: listserv at utoronto.bitnet (2)
          To send messages: info-gcg at utoronto.bitnet
	Contact : John Cargill
          cargill at utoroci.bitnet  or cargill at galen.oci.utoronto.ca

I would also like to add a couple of new services to his list... namely
Tell me about Gopher holes and Wais sources that are used in biology.

Thanking you in advance for reading this message, and looking forward
to your response.

Best regards

 ~ Rob Harper                    ~ E-mail:          harper at convex.csc.fi   

 ~ Finnish State Computer Centre ~ Molbio/software: harper at nic.funet.fi
 ~ P.O. Box 40                   ~ Telephone:       +358 0 457 2076
 ~ SF-02101 Espoo Finland        ~ Fax:             +358 0 457 2302

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