Recent msdos uploads to SIMTEL20 (11-Sep - 26-Sep 1992)

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at csc.fi
Mon Sep 28 02:20:44 EST 1992

The following files have been recently uploaded to WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL
(between 11-Sep-92 and 26-Sep-92):
NOTE: Type B is Binary; Type A is ASCII
 Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.4DOS>
EZ-BTM03.ZIP  B   49920  920916  4DOS BTM files: loaders/regular/libraries/help
TFC2.ZIP      B   35333  920923  4DOS batch file: Tobi's Floppy Cataloger
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.ARC-LBR>
SS101.ZIP     B  140350  920913  Archive conversion utility with many features
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.ASMUTL>
AMISL090.ZIP  B   64384  920913  Src lib to create highloading removable TSRs
ASMWIN13.ZIP  B   22656  920923  Assembly language windowing routines for TASM
PKEY12-1.ZIP  B  258154  920917  PowerKey1.02: Menu system for AutoCAD, 1of3
PKEY12-2.ZIP  B  336987  920917  PowerKey1.02: Menu system for AutoCAD, 2of3
PKEY12-3.ZIP  B  273926  920917  PowerKey1.02: Menu system for AutoCAD, 3of3
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BATUTL>
FDATE68A.ZIP  B   53708  920925  Date manipulation utility for batch files
TSBAT38.ZIP   B   91040  920921  Collection of useful batch files by Timo Salmi
BBS0992D.ZIP  B   91326  920926  'THELIST' national BBS list for September 1992
BLOKE51B.ZIP  B   32097  920926  BBS Locator, avoids 313BBS.LST zone/toll calls
MED0992.ZIP   B   14607  920911  Medical/Science/EMS/Fire BBS list (Sept. 1992)
TIERRA40.ZIP  B  750709  920913  Create virtual worlds and virtual lifes
SVGABG40.ZIP  B  132247  920911  SuperVGA & TweakedVGA BGI drivers, release 4.0
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.C>
ZGLOB10.ZIP   B    2602  920921  *argv[] wildcard file expansion, Zortech C
BFAST11.ZIP   B   88773  920911  FREE Btrieve fully functioning C++ library
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DBASE>
LASSO.ZIP     B   35205  920915  Converts ASCII text files to dBASE DBF format
CWISE11.ZIP   B  270618  920914  Multiple calendar planning and tracking tool
CHKDV.ZIP     B    6113  920915  ASM source to make programs DESQview-aware
CLKWATCH.ZIP  B   20514  920915  Fixes system clock time loss under DESQview
CMD20.ZIP     B   37029  920915  Control DESQview remotely or between windows
DESQ_BG.ZIP   B    3290  920915  Forces DESQview window to background
DOSWINDO.ZIP  B    4109  920915  Creative use of the DOS window in DESQview
DVAPMN12.ZIP  B  104639  920915  Enhanced application program menu for DESQview
DVCLK14.ZIP   B    1980  920916  Displays a clock on top line of a DV window
DVCLOCK3.ZIP  B   10346  920916  Small DESQview-aware clock
DVDAYS3.ZIP   B    4811  920916  Perpetual calendar/calendar calculator for DV
DVDOS.ZIP     B    2589  920916  Notes on MS-DOS environment under DESQview
DVECT.ZIP     B    8667  920916  Capture and display DESQview interrupt table
DVINT32.ZIP   B   87537  920913  DESQview/Quarterdeck-specific interrupt list
DVPALET.ZIP   B    2589  920916  Docs for DESQview 2.2 color pallet program
DVPCLA.ZIP    B    6389  920916  Using DV, PCAnywhere, & Lantastic together
DVPCW.ZIP     B    2430  920916  How to run PCWrite under DESQview
DVPRTSCR.ZIP  B     923  920916  DESQview 2.26 patch to fix Print Screen hangs
DVPSD307.ZIP  B   14110  920916  DESQview 2.xx protected screen driver, v3.07
DVSLBBS.ZIP   B    4723  920916  How to install DESQview with Searchlight BBS
NOMOUSE.ZIP   B    2579  920915  DESQview SHP disables mouse in any window/task
PIF220.ZIP    B    1929  920915  Extended PIF format specs for DESQview 2.2+
XSTARTDV.ZIP  B     401  920915  Toggles DESQview startup script on/off
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DIRUTL>
TFIND215.ZIP  B   15065  920926  ThunderFind: Fast file finding utility
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DJGPP>
DJASY10D.ZIP  B   74419  920915  ASYNC support for djgpp
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DSKUTL>
CPDISK12.ZIP  B   12087  920917  One pass disk copy. Uses XMS. Freeware
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DV-X>
XCURSR10.ZIP  B   68441  920924  Customize your X Cursor, for DESQview/X
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.EDITOR>
ADEDT301.ZIP  B   41782  920915  AD-EDIT: Small text editor, DESQview-aware
BOX400B.ZIP   B  262426  920916  Boxer4.0b Editor:mouse,undo,mult files&windows
PCWPSFIX.ZIP  B   19275  920918  Improved Postscript support for PC Write
TMED110A.ZIP  B    9373  920922  TSR memory editor (hotkey & breakpoint popup)
VDE164.ZIP    B  146766  920911  Meyer's small, fast, WordStar-like text editor
VDE164SP.ZIP  B   32653  920911  Screen writers macros for VDE text editor
ABC430.ZIP    B  192306  920920  ABC Fun Keys: Teach children ABCs, v4.30
AZMATH1.ZIP   B  469655  920914  Pre-Calculus/Calculus math review
GRAND.ZIP     B  152288  920914  Tutorial on Unified Field Theory
MEDTUTOR.ZIP  B   76985  920914  Medical terminology tutorial
MINICOMP.ZIP  B   46193  920914  Elementary computer math tutor for children
PLNTGRO1.ZIP  B  511873  920921  Describing and predicting the growth of plants
AAAREAD.ME    A    5346  920911  Information about the files in this directory
SIMIBM.ZIP    B  269246  920926  Comma-delim list of all MSDOS files w/descrip.
SIMLIST.ZIP   B  263192  920926  Text format list of all MSDOS files w/descrip.
UPLOAD.INF    A    1491  920926  How to upload programs to SIMTEL20
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.FILUTL>
HEXVW10.ZIP   B   86393  920924  Hexadecimal file viewer and editor
TAR4DOS.ZIP   B   37987  920921  Unix-compatible TAR archive create/extract
EZLOAN20.ZIP  B   54591  920924  EZ-Loan: Amortization and loan scheduler
BK51A1.ZIP    B  313758  920920  Brother's Keeper (v5.1A) Family History, 1of4
BK51A2.ZIP    B  352956  920920  Brother's Keeper (v5.1A) Family History, 2of4
BK51A3.ZIP    B  349368  920920  Brother's Keeper (v5.1A) Family History, 3of4
BK51A4.ZIP    B  342226  920920  Brother's Keeper (v5.1A) Family History, 4of4
BK51A5.ZIP    B  245228  920920  Brother's Keeper (v5.1A) Family History, 5of5
FHH130.ZIP    B   61840  920921  Family history research tutorial
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.GIF>
CSHW850A.ZIP  B  136597  920923  GIF/MAC/RLE view/print, Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA
NAKED110.ZIP  B  359792  920916  NakedEye v1.10, a SuperVGA GIF viewer
VPIC51.ZIP    B  137116  920911  GIF/MAC/PCX/ColorRix pics view/convrt, EGA/VGA
FDESI313.ZIP  B  264505  920918  IFS fractal program w/C src, v3.08 and v3.13
RTETC800.ZIP  B  677143  920913  Docs/utilities/samples for RTRACE800, 3 of 3
RTNEWS.ZIP    B  583553  920913  Complete set of Ray-Tracing newsletters
RTRAC800.ZIP  B  969100  920913  Antonio Costa's Ray Tracer v8.0.0, 1 of 3
RTSRC800.ZIP  B  450711  920913  Sources to RTRACE800 and utilities, 2 of 3
SELCAL11.ZIP  B   12590  920913  Hams: Maritime SITOR selcall translator 1.1
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.INFO>
ALTMPX35.ZIP  B    5592  920913  Alternate multiplex interrupt spec, v3.5
FTPLIST.ZIP   B   70639  920916  Updated list of sites w/FTP & MAIL access
INTER32A.ZIP  B  331544  920913  Comprehensive list of interrupt calls, 1of2
INTER32B.ZIP  B  307988  920913  Comprehensive list of interrupt calls, 2of2
INTER32C.ZIP  B  165049  920913  Pgms to convert interrupt list to hypertext
MODER15.ZIP   B    8471  920914  List of MS-DOS FTP sites and their moderators
TSFAQ30.ZIP   B  115534  920921  T.Salmi: Frequently asked questions & answers
XHLST122.ZIP  B    9321  920924  Show XMS handles, HMA space above DOS and more
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.LAN>
CHARON40.ZIP  B  491167  920926  Novell to SMTP gateway for Pegasus Mail

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