Ligand, anyone?

Nick Holford nholford at ccu1.aukuni.ac.nz
Thu Oct 29 14:21:10 EST 1992

ernest at hiv.med.umn.edu (Ernest Retzel (1535 49118)) writes:

>A user here is wondering if someone [anyone?] knows of a program called
>Ligand, used, apparently, for determining the number of receptors on
>the surface of a cell?
As I understand it the history of ligand is: An  algorithm
proposed  by Feldman (1972) is at the heart of several  programs,
e.g.  Munson & Rodbard (1972), De Lean (1979), McPherson  (1985),
which  allow binding models to be applied to both simple and  complex
experiments  involving the interaction of one or more ligands  at
one or more binding sites.

   The ligand algorithm can estimate the binding parameters which
includes Bmax - the concentration of binding sites in the sample. If you
know the number of ligand binding sites per receptor (or are happy to
assume there is only one) then you can derive the number of receptors
from Bmax.

I have developed a version of LIGAND that is part of a general
non-linear extended least squares modelling system for PCs. The program
is MKMODEL. MKMODEL is distributed by BIOSOFT:
49 Bateman Street, Cambridge, CB2 1LR, UK  - FAX +44 (223) 312873
 or                                        - TEL +44 (223) 68622
PO Box 10398, Ferguson, MO 63135-9913, USA - FAX  +1 (314) 524-8129
Please contact them for prices.            - TEL  +1 (314) 524-8029


De  Lean A, Hancock AA, Lefkowitz RJ. Validation and  statistical
analysis of a computer modeling method for quantitative  analysis
of  radioligand  binding  data for  mixtures  of  pharmacological
receptor subtypes. Molec.Pharmacol. (1982) 21:5-16

Feldman HA. Mathematical theory of complex ligand-binding systems
at equilibrium. Analyt.Biochem. (1972) 48:317-338

McPherson  GA.  Analysis  of  radioligand  binding   experiments.
J.Pharmacol.Methods (1985) 14:213-228

Munson  PJ.  LIGAND. BCTIC Computer Code  Collection.  Vanderbilt
Medical Center, Nashville,TN, USA. (1981)

Munson  PJ, Rodbard D. LIGAND: A versatile computerized  approach
for  characterization of ligand-binding systems.  Analyt.Biochem.
(1980) 107:220-239


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