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Wed Oct 28 01:57:29 EST 1992

In <1cjovjINNa76 at MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU> smith-una at yale.edu (Una Smith) writes:

>Regarding Rob Harpers questions about future gopher features:

>As a gopher user, I have been frustrated by not knowing where I am when
>I have got there.  

On the simple Unix version of Gopher at any item on a menu you can press the
"=" equals key on your keyboard and the menu disappears and you will then
be given information regarding Name, path, port, type, and host.

For example when SRS was first announced you had to navigate through a
norwegian gopher in norwegian befor you could open a telnet session.
So once I had got to the menu part that took me into SRS I pressed the
"=" sign and saw what the setup was... I then cliped that info out and put
it into a link and thereby bypassed the need to learn norwegian to get to

I have done the same thing with Genbank searches at Indiana and EMBL searches
at Bioftp. That is, give our end users the opportunity to jump straight to
searches rather than go in at the top level menu and work their way down,
cos even though it SHOULD be so simple some people never find what they are
looking for... and get lost in gopher-space.

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