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In <Oct. at net.bio.net> kristoff at net.bio.net (David Kristofferson) writes:

>	My recollection when first browsing through "gopher space" was
>that there was no shortage of places wth GenBank, etc. up for FTP
>although Don's site was the only one that I found employing the
>elegant gopher entry retrieval technique on GenBank.  

Yes I was refering to the fact that only two sites Indiana and Basel
have the Genbank and EMBL databases WAIS indexed so that you can do
searches and retrieve the hits. Common or garden ftp is OK, but gopher
hooked to a wais index is better.

>We are evaluating Gopher and IRX for this additional
>capability, and will also set up a dial-in/Internet accessible account
>for searching which should assist those who don't currently have any
>other means of running WAIS/gopher, etc.  Others are, of course,
>welcome to duplicate these services if they so desire, but obviously
>this is part of our charter here.

On our gopher I only made a directory for wais sources, for example
put the biosci.src in that directory and gopher is smart enough to
make a connection to your machine, and query your source. I was recently
giving a course on the use of gopher here at our university and one student
asked what the various "symbols" ment. The <idx> on Xgopher and the <?>
on plain Unix gopher means that there is a wais.src hidden behind that


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