quantitative genetic software

Matt Hamilton ST403159 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
Wed Oct 28 09:57:52 EST 1992

Dear readers,
     I am writing to ask the advise of the biological computing community at
large what they would like to see in a future software package to compute
quantitative genetic variances and associated statistics.  This software would
focus on methods to deal with unbalanced and non-normal data, as balanced and
normal data can be analized in a parametric stats package (of which there are m
any).  So here is your big chance!  Send me your feature wish list!  What
parameters do you want to be able to estimate, what significance tests, what
types of designs accomidated??  What types of hardware do you own and what are
your computing limitations with present methods of estimating quantitative
genetic parameters?  Any information or recollection will be very useful to me,
and may help ensure that a quantitative genetics software package is produced.
     I would prefer that responses be sent directly to my e-mail account and
then I will post a summary on bio-soft.  Remember to ask your non-computer usin
g collegues and get their input too.

My address is: Matthew_Hamilton at brown.edu

Sincerely, Matthew Hamilton, Graduate program in Ecology and Evolution, Brown
University, Providence RI  02912 USA

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