Screen capture for the Mac

Dan Jacobson danj at merlot.gwu.edu
Mon Oct 26 15:46:34 EST 1992

There have been a couple requests recently for info on screen captures
on a Mac.

I know this has been discussed before so a Wais search finds the following
information previously posted by Ben Jones, Chris Tully, and Mike Cherry.

Hope this helps,

Dan Jacobson

danj at chablis.gwu.edu


There are other screen capture programs.  Try Black Box, which you can get by
anonymous ftp from sumex.stanford.edu.  It is more than a screen capture
utility, but that is one of its functions.

Ben Jones,  BioQUEST

I don't know what version of mac system you're using, but I have done COLOR 
screen captures in a Mac IIsi amd Mac IIci running system7 with no trouble at
all.  I believe the key sequence is Command-Shift-3.  As for capturing the 
whole screen, so waht?  Just load the image into a good paint editor and cut
out the section that you want.

Chris Tully
cptully at med.unc.edu


An excellent screen capture program for the Macintosh is FlashIt! which is
available from sumex.stanford.edu. (Look in the info-mac/cp directory for
the BinHex encoded file flash-it-22.hqx). FlashIt! will capture all or any
part of the screen in color or however your monitor is configured to a
PICT file, to the clipboard, or to the printer. The PICT file can be
created with any creater/type you choose. FlashIt! works very well with
System 7, and 6 too.

Mike Cherry

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