HENSA in the UK

Tony Travis ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri
Tue Oct 27 05:05:25 EST 1992

In article <921026111410.MIN-LDIAa00258.bionet-news at uk.ac.daresbury> you wrote:
:                    THE HENSA UNIX ARCHIVE 
:                   ========================
:                   at the University of Kent
: [...]

A large collection of Unix software and Usenet news is also archived at
Imperial College and can be accessed by ftp/telnet to: src.doc.ic.ac.uk

Send mail to ftpmail at src.doc.ic.ac.uk for more information.

Of particular interest to me is that this site has archives of 'free'
Unix for the 386PC.  I am running Linux 0.98 and 386bsd 0.1 both
obtained from the archive at Imperial College.

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