CFP: 1st Intl Conf on Intell Sys for Mol Bio

Jude Shavlik shavlik at cs.wisc.edu
Tue Oct 27 09:08:50 EST 1992

*****************        CALL FOR PAPERS        *****************

               The First International Conference on
             Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

                           July 7-9, 1993
                           Washington, DC

  Organizing Committee              Program Committee
  ---------------------             -----------------------------
  Lawrence Hunter,                  D. Brutlag, Stanford
    National Library of Medicine    B. Buchanan, U. of Pittsburgh
                                    C. Burks, Los Alamos
  David Searls,                     F. Cohen, UCSF
   University of Pennsylvania       C. Fields, TIGR 
                                    M. Gribskov, UCSD
  Jude Shavlik,                     P. Karp, SRI
    University of Wisconsin         A. Lapedes, Los Alamos
                                    R. Lathrop, MIT
  Schedule                          C. Lawrence, Baylor Univ
  ---------------------             M. Mavrovouniotis, U-Md
  Papers and Tutorial               G. Michaels, NIH
    Proposals Due:                  H. Morowitz, George Mason
      February 15, 1993             K. Nitta, ICOT
                                    M. Noordewier, Rutgers
  Replies to Authors:               R. Overbeek, Argonne
      March 29, 1993                C. Rawlings, ICRF
				    D. Sleeman, Aberdeen Univ
                                    D. States, Washington Univ 
  Revised Papers Due:               G. Stormo, U. of Colorado
      April 26, 1993                E. Uberbacher, Oak Ridge
                                    D. Waltz, Thinking Machines

Sponsors: American Association for Artificial Intelligence,
	  The Biomatrix Society,
	  National Library of Medicine
The First International Conference on Intelligent Systems for
Molecular Biology will take place in Washington, DC, July 7-9, 
1993.  The conference will bring together scientists who are 
applying the technologies of artificial intelligence, robotics, 
neural networks, massively parallel computing, advanced data 
modelling, and related methods to problems in molecular biology.  
Participation is invited from both producers and consumers of any 
novel computational or robotic system, provided it supports a 
biological task that is cognitively challenging, involves a 
synthesis of information from multiple sources at multiple 
levels, or in some other way exhibits the abstraction and 
emergent properties of an "intelligent system."  The three-day 
conference, to be held in the attractive conference facilities of 
the Lister Hill Center, National Library of Medicine, National 
Institutes of Health, will feature both introductory tutorials 
and original, refereed papers, to be published in an archival 
Proceedings.  The conference will immediately precede the 
Eleventh National Conference of the American Association for 
Artificial Intelligence, also in Washington.

Papers should be 12 pages, single-spaced and set in 12 point 
type, including title, abstract, figures, tables, and 
bibliography.  The first page should give keywords, postal and 
electronic mailing addresses, telephone, and FAX numbers.  
Submit 6 copies to the address shown. For more information, 
contact ISMB at nlm.nih.gov.

                    Jude Shavlik
                    Computer Sciences Dept
                    University of Wisconsin
                    1210 W. Dayton Street
                    Madison, WI  53706


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