Announcing Archie 1.4

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at fi.csc
Mon Oct 26 02:55:51 EST 1992

Here is a clip for your information regarding a new archie client.
The response times for interactive sessions with archie are becoming
very slow and the use of client software is to be recommended.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CLIP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
I'm pleased to announce the release of version 1.4 of the command-line
Archie client.

Changes include:

  * Even more portability problems have been fixed!  Let's hear it for
    those standards.  (Rah.)
  * The order in which the search results are printed is now much
    nicer and more usable.  (Based upon what domain the system is in,
    not on an alphabetical sort.)
  * There's a new port to PC-NFS, thanks to Stan Barber.
  * The new `-a' option will let you print files out in Alex format
    (the README.ALEX file in the distribution discusses what Alex is;
    check it out!).
  * The new `-o' option to let you redirect output into a filename.
    Users on systems that use VMS should find this a nice alternative
    to monkeying with ASSIGN.
  * The new Archie servers in Japan and Taiwan are now listed.
  * A heavily hacked GNU emacs lisp interface is included; it requires
    that you have ange-ftp.  It'll let you do things like use dired on
    remote directories that have been queried, and all sorts of other
    neat things.

 The Archie client will let you search the Archie database of FTP-site
holdings for given strings.  Normally, one would have to telnet into a
server (e.g., archie.sura.net) and log in as "archie" to be able to
perform searches.  This is weighted with overhead and is slower
overall.  Instead, this client will let you do it from the "comfort"
of your local computer, sending the query using a low-bandwidth,
high-speed protocol.  The results can be piped into other
applications, parsed, what have you.

 The client works under all sorts of different versions of Unix, under
VMS with some TCP/IP packages, and on PCs running PC/TCP, CUTCP, or PC-NFS.

 You can get the full client by FTPing to any Archie server and looking
in the /archie/clients directory.  Also, it's on ftp.cs.widener.edu in
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