Program for estimating outcrossing in plants with dominant markers

K. Ritland ritland at gpu.utcs.utoronto.ca
Mon Oct 26 17:12:20 EST 1992

I have written a program that estimates outcrossing using dominant
markers (e.g. RAPDs) and it is available for free by e-mailing to
my address (ritland at utcs.utoronto.ca).  I will send it as a letter
to be decoded by "uudecode".  The program assumes that data are collected
as progeny arrays, and up to 100 arrays and 50 loci are allowed (and
2000 total individuals in the dataset).  It is assumed parental genotype
is unknown, since this would require a laborous progeny test anyway
for dominant loci.  The program is a modification of "mlt", which is
a program for codominant markers (also available).  It is written in 
fortran and compiled code is supplied.  It is compiled for PCs.  
Further details are provided in the documentation.

Kermit Ritland
Dept. of Botany
University of Toronto

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