VMS and ARCHIE 1.4

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at fi.csc
Mon Oct 26 02:58:37 EST 1992

For all of you on VMS here is where you should go for your version.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CLIP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
In article <37245 at hoptoad.uucp>, brendan at cygnus.com (Brendan Kehoe) writes:
> I'm pleased to announce the release of version 1.4 of the command-line
> Archie client.
>  You can get the full client by FTPing to any Archie server and looking
> in the /archie/clients directory.  Also, it's on ftp.cs.widener.edu in
> /pub/archie.tar.Z.

	urm... he forgot to update the MAKE.COM for VMS, and also it now
	needs ALLOCA.C if you're using VAX C (rather than GNU CC) which
	did not get included in the distribution...

	Hopefully this will be corrected shortly. In the meantime:
          a working archie for VMS is on coco.cchs.su.oz.au
	  login anonymous, cd [.archie.archie_1-4]

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