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Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Fri Oct 23 03:28:28 EST 1992

In <9210221938.AA11044 at net.bio.net> mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU writes:

>Don Gilbert's fly-server at ftp.bio.indiana.edu (highly gopher-friendly),
>or the MacSciTech archives at: ra.nrl.navy.mil (not gopherable), or the
>NCSA archives at:    zaphod.ncsa.uiuc.edu (also not gopherable)

I have added the following sites to our gopher which allows you
to get into MacSciTech and NCSA top level.

Name=Macintosh Scientific & Engineering MacSciTech USA (FTP ARCHIVE)

Name=National Center for Supercomputing Apps USA (FTP ARCHIVE)

Recently I asked for people to send me the addresses of
their favourite biological ftp site because I was compiling
a new list to replace Mike Gribskovs list which is out of date.

I will be adding FTP sites to our gopher so that it will be easy
to drop into different places. Here is the menu so far.

                   Bionaut software and data paradise

      1.  Assorted databases from SERC Daresbury UK (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      2.  GDB Human Genome Data USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      3.  Gene Server at University of Houston USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      4.  INN EMBL software mirror site ISRAEL (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      5.  Indiana University software server USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      6.  Intelligenetics USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      7.  Macintosh Scientific & Engineering MacSciTech USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      8.  Molecular Biology Software FINLAND (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      9.  NCBI Repository USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
 -->  10. National Center for Supercomputing Apps USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      11. PDB structural coordinates (Brookhaven) USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      12. Ribosomal Database Project USA (FTP ARCHIVE)/
      13. The Ultimate Bionaut software search (ARCHIE) <TEL>

The comand "gopher gopher.csc.fi"  or "gopher finsun.csc.fi" should take 
you into the system, and look for the option Finnish EMBnet BioBox


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