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Thu Oct 22 14:38:58 EST 1992

Douglas Prasher writes:
>Is there an ftp site where I can acquire Stuffit or Unstuffit?
>I want to unpack some software programs on to my Mac.

   One of the best sites to get Mac software of all kinds is:


   It also has the advantage that all of it's archives are also gopher
accessible and in fact since gopher is 'stateless' (it doesn't grab and
hang on to a port - it connects and disconnects each time it wants
something), gopher access is preferred.

   Almost all Mac ftp sites will have the standard utilities - Stuffit,
Packit, BinHex, Zip, Compact-Pro, etc, but obviously some are more slanted
to a different topic.
   Frinstance:  for science-oreiented archives, check out 'our' very own
Don Gilbert's fly-server at ftp.bio.indiana.edu (highly gopher-friendly),
or the MacSciTech archives at: ra.nrl.navy.mil (not gopherable), or the
NCSA archives at:    zaphod.ncsa.uiuc.edu (also not gopherable)

   For IBM PCs, the center of the universe is at the simtel archives at:
wsmr-simtel20.army.mil, but since it is almost ALWAYS busy, you can use the
mirror sites at:   wuarchive.wustl.edu or oak.oakland.edu

All of the above have unix-related subdirectories, but the largest, most
connected unix repository is at ftp.uunet.net

   Check the README's first and good hunting!

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