graphics software packages for mol. bio. figures

Donald J Roufa droufa at matt.ksu.ksu.edu
Wed Oct 21 09:46:13 EST 1992

Up until now my laboratory has been composing scientific illustrations
using two software packages running on MSDOS PC's:  DesignCAD2D and
Drawperfect.  Unfortunately, neither is totally satisfactory and we
would like to acquire some better software for the purpose.  The
software we want should be able to produce high quality (i.e.
publishable) line drawings of such things as restriction maps and
other similar diagrams.  Further, it must be able to import
high-resolution image files (TIFF, PCX, BMP, ETC) that are generated
by our densitometer, photoimager and scanner.  Also, it should be able
to export to these same standard graphics file formats for electronic
photo-reproduction.  Finally, the software will be run on 386 and 486
PCs attached to HP-Laserjet III for hardcopy output.  That output
needs to be of publication quality.  If you have any suggestions of an
excellent software package, please email them to me.  If the response
is informative, I will collate it and post it on this BB at a future

Thank you very much.

Don Roufa

    Don Roufa        DROUFA at MATT.KSU.KSU.EDU
Division of Biology  Kansas State Univ.   Manhattan, KS  66506           

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