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Claire Kinlaw writes:

>As part of a team studying molecular genetics of coniferous trees, I
>am seeking advice about the purchase of software to analyze DNA and protein 
>sequences and to perform database searches.  At present, we access IG suite
>programs residing on a USDA VAX computer.  As this is somewhat cumbersome, 
>we are looking to purchase a system to reside in house that is both easy to
>use and versatile.  We are particularly interested in advice from those with    
>experience with Macintosh and Unix workstation systems.  Thank you in advance
>for your help.

   Shamelessly self servingly self citing, you might peek at the the
nanoreview I recently posted, available directly from me or by gopher
and/or WAIS to the biosci archives.

   There are additional reviews on sequence analysis software, notably by
Peter Markiewicz, available from the Bio-archives.  His review (titled
pm-macinmolbio.txt on the Indiana archives (ftp.bio.indiana.edu) has a very
good introduction and covers more ground than my review.  I highly
recommend it.
   Dan Jacobson (danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu) recently posted a more
extensive review of public domain primer/oligo analysis programs, including
chunks from their documentation.  You can access this via gopher as well.

Good hunting,

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