Software for predicting 3D structure of Protein

G.P.S.RAGHAVA raghava at imtech.ernet.in
Tue Oct 20 08:00:11 EST 1992

I have started to work in area of protein structure prediction. I am searching
for avilabily of softwares on predicting 3D strcture from X-ray data
(Brokheaven data). We have VAX/VMS and PC/AT (386 with VGA). I would highly
appreciate if anybody send me the list of softwares avilable which can run
on systems avilable with me, if possible write me the FTP sites adress from 
where I could get the these softwares (please send netserver adress because we 
are not on Internet) or FAQ avilable on the above topic. Any help form you
will be valuable for me.

Thanks in advance,

(G P S Raghava)
G.P.S.Raghava, Computer Scientist  Phone/FAX: +91 172 44252
Institute of Micro. Technology     Email: raghava at imtech.ernet.in
P O Box 1304, Sector 39A           UUCP:
Chandigarh 160 014 India.          ...!uunet!sangam!vikram!imtech!raghava

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