SRS 2.1 Upgrade

Tue Oct 20 04:57:35 EST 1992

			 SRS 2.1 UPDATE

Thure Etzold's Sequence Retrival System (SRS) for the VAX/VMS
operating system and the GCG package has been slightly modified
to fix some small problems that occured with:

- Larger Databases (ie: EMBL, GenBank)
- Title allocation errors during creation of the EMBL title index.
- Small fix to the menus
- The program crashing when used from PC's & MAC's as a result of
  pressing the ESC key (failure of SMG's GetKey routine).

A new VAX/VMS backup save set called SRS21.BCK is now available from:

		The Norwegian EMBnet node

via anonymous ftp. User manuals in various formats are also available.
A manager manual is on the works and should be available in the very
near future.

Rodrigo Lopez

The Norwegian EMBnet node
The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo
Gaustadalleen 21
N-0371 Oslo 3

Tel: XX-47-2-958756
Fax: XX-47-2-694130

e-mail: rodrigol at ulrik.uio.no
	rodrigol at biomed.uio.no

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