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Dave Rigney david at ASTRO.BIH.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Oct 14 09:45:39 EST 1992

Program Name: sg2iq.exe
Program Documentation: sg2iq.doc
Operating Environment: PC running DOS
Purpose of Program: Utility program for converting images of gels created by
  software for a Hewlett Packard desktop scanner (tiff files) to the format
  expected by the ImageQuant gel analysis software from Molecular Dynamics.
Program Usage: sg2iq inputfile outputfile
  where "inputfile" is produced by the Hewlett Packard scanner (extension .tif)
  and "outputfile" is a file that can be used by ImageQuant (extension .gel).
Program Author: David Rigney, Ph.D., Harvard/M.I.T. Division of Health Sciences
   and Technology and the Harvard Division on Aging
To obtain the program: anonymous ftp to amber.mgh.harvard.edu (
  ftp amber.mgh.harvard.edu
  username: anonymous
  password: <your email address>
  cd pc
  get sg2iq.doc
  get sg2iq.exe

Discussion: The ImageQuant software from Molecular Dynamics is ordinarily
  obtained when you purchase one of their phosphorimagers. It runs under
  Microsoft Windows and allows you to quantify objects found in gel images.
  The software can also be purchased by itself. You may also need to image
  film autoradiographic images, wet silver stained gels, photographic negatives
  of ethidium bromide stained gels, etc., for example to normalize for loading
  variability in different gel lanes. An inexpensive way to image these objects
  is to use a desktop publishing scanner from Hewlett Packard. Use the Scanning
  Gallery software that is provided with the scanner to produce a .tif file,
  then use sg2iq (Scanning Gallery To Image Quant) to obtain a file that the
  Image Quant software can use.

Posted on the bio-software bulletin board of bionet, October 1992.

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