What Genomes have been Sequenced?

Zharkikh Andrey gsbs1022 at UTSPH.SPH.UTH.TMC.EDU
Mon Oct 12 08:13:13 EST 1992

Note added in proof:

Jean-Loup Risler at BIONET at FRCGM51.EARN wrote:

>3) About a former posting: in yeast chromosome III, there are 182
>   open reading frames longer than 300 bp (thus coding for proteins longer
>   than 100 aa). Some of them correspond to already known genes, and 145
>   ORFs are novel (see the Nature paper). Note that these figures are
>   consistent with a study of the chrIII transcripts, hence most of these
>   ORFs are actually translated.
>That more than 50% of the ORFs in ChrIII do not resemble anything
>previously known is one great information afforded by its sequencing.

As Monte Carlo simulation shows, about 24 of these ORF are expected
to be found by chance (in a random sequence of length 300,000 with
the same base frequencies as in yeast III chromosome: A=0.31, T=0.30,
G=0.19, and C=0.20).


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