3D RNA Editor wanted

Mike McCaughey mrmike at geta.life.uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 7 20:11:41 EST 1992


   I am in search for a computer graphics 3D editing tool to esily
compose RNA and protein spatial structure models at low as well as
atomic resolution. Known structure element coordinates for e.g.
tetraloops, stacks, helices, bends, pseudoknots and for protein
zippers, fingers, sheets, a-helices etc etc should be part of a
toolbox where one can pick structure templates for the buildup.
Structures must be seen and treated with varying detail, for example
an RNA A-helix is either a simple cylinder, a carved cylinder (showing
grooves), same with bases and sugars shown as simple tiles, and with
atoms shown. Only X-ray (and sometimes NMR) data justify the latter,
but lower resolution models from other data can be very useful. I have
seen MacroModel, Insight, Quanta, and brochures for Sybyl/Biopolymer
module. The focus of these programs are either molecular dynamics or
the price is out of line. Would any readers of this know reasonably
priced programs like described, either finished or in the works?

                                          Sincerely, Niels Larsen

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