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Wed Oct 7 20:37:29 EST 1992

In article <9210071519.AA02003 at darwin.sfbr.org>, bdyke at DARWIN.SFBR.ORG (Bennett Dyke) writes:
> Does anybody know of a script that will organize, extract, format, etc.
> the electronic version of the NIH Guide?  Thanx in advance...

We have written and made available programs to accept the incomming E-Guide, 
create a database with it and present it to a user.  The user program allows 
searching on text items and NIH keywords, printing, file extraction, mailling 
or whole Guides, or selected fragments of them.  The program also performs 
automatic updating of guide items as errata are posted.

To get a copy, send mail to our MAILSERVer (MAILSERV at MCCLB0.MED.NYU.EDU) with 
the lines HELP and INDEX in the body of the message.  Then follow the 
instructions.  The program is for VAX/VMS and the distribution is packaged 
using VMS_SHARE.

|Ross Smith,  Research Computing Resource, Department of Cell Biology, NYU-MC|

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