GCG7 to Paup translation? (A)

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Tue Oct 6 08:41:47 EST 1992

In article <16237519 at um.cc.umich.edu> Doug.Eernisse at UM.CC.UMICH.EDU writes:
>Jeremy John Ahouse asks:
>>I need to find a program that will take me from the multiple sequence
>> alignments that I can get out of GCG 7's pileup program to the format
>> by Paup on the Mac.
>>         Do you all do this by hand  Do you have a good/better multiple
>> sequence alignment tool on the Mac?
>My HyperCard 2.x stack, DNA Translator, does that conversion. Be
>sure you get the most recent version (v. 1.0k6) because the last
>version (1.0k5) was one of the first to support Pileup and there 
>was one line of code out of place introduced when I also added support
>for input/output formats for Jotun Hein's (Unix) Treealign program. 
>Other multiple sequence alignment formats that can be converted to 
>either Paup (Nexus) or simple named string format are simple 
>"interleave" format, Eugene (or Prophet), ClustalV, and Phylip 
>"outfile" format.

My version of PAUP for the Mac, version 3.0s, includes the ability to import
data from gcg msf files.  Perhaps you should pick up the latest version of PAUP
from the University of Illinois.

The information is:

David L. Swofford
Illinois Natural History Survey
607 E. Peabody Dr.
Champaign, IL  61820

The program is $50.


ps.  the program lists DAVESWOF at UIUCVMD.bitnet as Daves address.

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